Friday, April 11, 2014

Flights Home!

Will you pray us home??

Specifically that  I can stay calm. :-)

Syler is SOO excited, every time he saw a plane today he was joyful!

I need that joy about flying.

We will be traveling for a total of 24 hours tomorrow. With a 2 year old.

I am terrified.

Visions of Mavery dance through my head, she screamed our whole flight home!

We depart Hong Kong at 11:55 AM on 4/12, tomorrow, Saturday.

(Cathay Pacific, please be as nice to us as you were on the way over!)

That is 10:55PM for you all in St Louis, Friday night.

Flight lands in Chicago at 1:50 PM. On Saturday, April 12th.

That is a whole lot of hours.

On a plane. With 3 kids.

Really, I can take the amount of flying if the plane is just SMOOTH. And on course. And smooth.

Please Lord, a smooth flight!

We have an almost 5 hour layover in Chicago. Where we will go through customs and our children will officially be US citizens!

Depart Chicago 6:45 PM American Airlines 1634

Arrive St Louis 7:50PM.

And of course, we don't mind if you are at the airport! :-)

SO close!


  1. Praying for your travels, my friend.

  2. Praying Safe, Peaceful Travels home. I know you must be ready to be home!!! Can't wait to see your first post from home and see how the kiddos are doing. We have our I800 approval and are waiting for Cable letter. We are getting close to meeting our sweet girl.