Thursday, April 10, 2014

Arrived in Hong Kong!

3 posts in one day?? Scroll down to read about Mercie and a sweet poem written by Makenna's friend.

This post will be brief. Just wanted to give a quick update that we are in Hong Kong!

At the Happiest place on earth, Disney land! :-)

I about cried pulling up through the gates, it felt so much like HOME.

This was my birthday wish (which is today) to go to Hong Kong Disney. We could not leave China for so many hours after our consulate appointment, so WHY NOT take the kids to Disney while we wait to leave!

We are so excited! I have no idea how they will do, but we will try it tomorrow and see.

Hopefully I will fill in with our exciting drive today. (because it is always fun to ride 70 MPH with a baby on your lap, and a driver TEXTING!)

It was a GOOD day. Everyone was happy and did well, just 2 more sleeps!

Thank you again for your continued prayers, we are feeling them!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Shannon!

    I hope you and all enjoy your time at the "happiest place on earth!" What a great place to celebrate!